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Cotton Anniversary Gifts - 2nd Year

Inspiring cotton gift ideas, the perfect way to surprise your loved one with something thoughtful on your anniversary 2 years after you got married. Get inspiration below with our second anniversary gift top picks, these are the perfect 2nd wedding anniversary gifts.

second anniversary song lyrics

2nd Anniversary Lyrics Hanging Cotton Canvas

From £35
  • Displays your couple song in the shape of a number 2
  • Complete with hanging cotton canvas

heart lyrics canvas

Song Lyrics Heart Cotton Canvas

  • Your favourite song such as a couple song or first dance song lyrics displayed in the shape of a heart
  • Thought cotton anniversary gift

vinyl record canvas

Lyrics Vinyl Hanging Cotton Canvas

From £35
  • Song lyrics in the shape of a vinyl, for example get your first dance song or favourite couple song displayed
  • Complete with a magnetic oak hanging frame

sheet music canvas

Song Sheet Music Canvas

  • Display your special song as sheet music
  • Customise the with your details

2nd anniversary cotton gift

2nd Anniversary Hanging Canvas

From £35
  • Displays how long you have been married up until your cotton 2nd anniversary
  • Complete with hanging cotton canvas

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