Wedding Gift Ideas

Get inspired with these gorgeous wedding gift ideas. Discover our handpicked selection of wedding presents whether it be from the groom to the bride or a gift from the father to the daughter we have thoughtful gifts for the happy couple. Can be personalised to make the perfect unique gift for the special occasion.

sheet music print

Song Sheet Music

From £24
  • Display a special song to the couple as sheet music such as the walking down the aisle or first dance music
  • Customise the with their names

vinyl lyrics

Song Lyrics Vinyl Print

From £24
  • Choose the first dance song or even the couple's favourite song that are then displayed in shape of a vinyl record
  • Customise with the wedding details

map of the stars

Map Of The Stars

From £24
  • Accurately displays how the stars appear on the special day or even when the couple first met.
  • Date can be in the past, present or future!

heart lyrics

Song Lyrics Heart

From £24
  • A soon to be husband and wife's favourite song such as the first dance song displayed in the shape of a heart
  • Customise with their names

love letters photo

Love Letters Photos - Set Of 4

From £24
  • Beautiful set of 4 black & white photos with the letters LOVE superimposed on top
  • Perfect for wedding photos

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